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This WebApp seems like the perfect solution for creating, viewing, and editing notes and works great on my computer and also on low bandwidth devices like my Kindle Keyboard 3G . I discovered it because I was looking for a word processor for my Kindle. is a free simple web application that can be used with any web connected device. It runs in a web browser and all data entered is stored on the web server. Limited Formatting of text can be done using simple Markdown characters, which are more concise but less capable then HTML Markup. uses a Python programming language script called on its web server to convert your entered Markdown code to standard HTML Markup that will display in any web browser.

To get started go to the Assignment 3: Description by clicking the menu link to the right. Download and Print this document. Watch the Demo Girl video and Go to to create a web presence and express yourself. You can write in English or 日本語 or any other language you wish. I am writing this from 日本国沖縄県北谷町。

Aaron Swartz co-created Jottit and Reddit. He was a celebrated free-culture activist, programmer, and Wikipedian. If you click on his name it will take you to a YouTube video about his life.

I also created two videos about getting started with Jottit and hosted on YouTube:

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